delete it all

by upper chief

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recorded february 2014 by john molfetas.

please download the record to find a full pdf including lyrics, liner notes, and thank-you's.


released April 13, 2014

jack tomascak - guitar, voice

photo by rider doolittle



all rights reserved


upper chief Connecticut

"music for eye contact"


contact: jtomascak at gmail dot com

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Track Name: stay to your business
all the words are spilling free. thoughts cannot be for you. expressing your distaste with cowardice. anonymous. this talk is of subhumans. get rid of the rash that has spoiled this skin. no excuses.
Track Name: practice (10/11)
my hands are searching for your mass. rhythm without reciprocal. confusion and catharsis. the maxim is overwhelming. i'll delete it all.
Track Name: brackett
i'm afraid of your words. never mind the humor. it's obsession. it's a movie in my head. you are bleeding. you are hurt. you become the man on the court. a crawling back home :: a slashing of organs. i don't live here anymore.
Track Name: trust break
vibrations hurt. i don't know what to do. bed ridden. closed out. it's another about face. judgment is switched on but it's so broken. but what would you expect? i don't want revenge. not in the way that they would assume. i just wish my head was fucking clear.
Track Name: rockwell
people are bringing me down. their obsession unhealthy. the allure diminished. the smarter move on, the finest stay put. one: a stalking. two: a comfort. three: immaturity. four: a changing. i'm leaving.
Track Name: fly away :: never land
what lies underneath? a twitch to tremble to blossom (to wither). swim down. make the east part shrink. or do you bring me back in? i'm so far away from us. blinded by false education. on the count of 26, jump.
Track Name: groove (is in the heart)
i didn't speak up soon enough. i never speak up soon enough. the ankles dance around in my head. is your head clear? no. stereotypical.
Track Name: pavilion
i was distracted in so many ways.
i said i couldn't focus on the road because of the glowing lights surrounding.
days move intensely.
my feet hurt.
your eyes are open and comfortable regardless of clashing belief.
i learned about your changes.
i'm uncomfortable leading into october.
a warmth that drew me in. embrace that forced me.

1. music. homophobia. statutory. the pride. AC.
(1.5. mars. alignment. blood. admittance.)
2. smiles. dancing. kicks. interference. pulling.
(2.5. “anonymity.” planning. CAPTCHAs. discussion.)
3. interstates. long roads. seizure. crookedness. lost.
4. highways. cream. confession. connection.

i do understand. it really wasn't much. it was enough. it was forgettable. it was for the better. i’m sure those trees that surround you are better than the ones that surround me. your eyes are better off to be paired in dilation.